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Instagram Worthy Spots in Australia’s Sunshine Coast!

When it comes to Australia, most tourists talk about Sydney and Melbourne, a less known (but equally stunning) little gem in the land down under is the Sunshine Coast. Imagine glimmering shorelines, cerulean waters, stunning wildlife, and sprawling hinterlands. From surf spots, to restaurants and bars, to zoos, and so many attractions, you’ll never run […]

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3 Middle East Destinations to Visit this Spring!

Stunning scenery, unspoilt landscapes and a rich culture steeped in thousands of years of history – what’s not to love? The Middle East is one of the most beautiful regions the planet has to offer, yet it is an area many people choose not to visit. Although travelling to the Middle East should be approached […]

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Mistakes Not to Make as a Traveller

Of course, everyone has little slips every now and then, that’s just part of life. But there are some mistakes that you really don’t want to make when you’re travelling! Some travel mistakes are minor, like forgetting your shampoo. No worries at all, you can just buy some when you arrive. Sure, it might not […]

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