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Watch Out! Common Scams in Mexico

Travelling is such a sought after and loved activity these days, with solo travelling becoming more and more common. Mexico is a popular destination; if you’re planning a trip, it helps to be aware of some of the common scams in Mexico. Mexico is one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations. Its gorgeous beaches and […]

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5 Iconic New York Cafes

With a lively and youthful atmosphere and a plethora of attractions to suit all tastes and interests, it can be hard to sit still in the mighty New York. Take some time out and recharge your batteries ready for rounds two, three, and four in one of the cool, chic, and classy cafes that can […]

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Travel in Hawaii

Hawaii is a US state, although it is situated in Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. It comprises several different volcanic islands, popular with tourists for their raw and natural beauty. Here are some common questions asked when people are thinking about travel in Hawaii: What are the Different Islands? The main island is called Hawaii; […]

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