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Travelling Alone in Cyprus

Travelling Alone in Cyprus

If you’re one of the growing demographic of travellers who likes to go their own way, then Cyprus should definitely be on your list of places to visit – the island is in the top three destinations for lone travellers. A recent study put Cyprus second in the list of most popular solo sojourns, just […]

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Five Reasons to Try Some Solo Travel

There are many reasons why people put of taking a trip alone; fear of the unknown, afraid of being lonely, listening to the nagging doubts from other people or from within, a lack of confidence, safety aspects, and similar. There are, however, numerous reasons to try some solo travel. Whether you go away for a […]

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Ways to Meet Other Travellers

As well as being great for the budget conscious traveller, hostels are also an ideal place to meet new like-minded people. A dormitory room is great as you will automatically meet several new people in one go. If you are not comfortable, however, sharing a room with strangers many hostels also have private rooms. Even […]

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Tips for Travelling Solo in Spain

Nothing beats the freedom of travelling alone and the stunning Iberian nation of Spain is a stand-out destination for solo explorers, offering a wealth of inspiration and adventure. Whether you plan on roaming for several months or want to hop on a plane for a quick getaway, you can absorb sumptuous surroundings at your own […]

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solo travel in australia

Solo Travel in Australia

Australia is perhaps one of the friendliest, most welcoming, and easy to get around destinations for solo travellers. These aspects, combined with its diverse scenery, interesting indigenous culture, modern cities, heavenly beaches, wide range of activities, and more attracts visitors by the droves. Use these useful tips for solo travel in Australia to make the […]

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