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Staying Safe in Colombia

South America’s Colombia has held a dangerous reputation for many years. Tales of drug cartels and gangsters abound, and whilst there may be a lot of exaggeration at times and security in Colombia has certainly improved over recent years, there are several important things people should be aware of for their own safety. Staying safe […]

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Things to do at Iguazu Falls

Sitting on the border between Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the whole world. It is a UNESCO listed site, and visitors can enjoy the splendour of the falls from both the Brazilian and the Argentinean side. Surrounded by pristine rainforest, the national park is one of the […]

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Things to See on a Patagonian Cruise

Seeing a glacier is an awesome experience. The towering blocks of ice loom large out of the waters, and it really is something when you witness a gigantic block of ice breaking away and crashing into the icy ocean. Brookes Glacier is a breath taking sight, and Marinelli Glacier is also rather spectacular. The incredible […]

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Safety in Brazil

Before embarking on your Brazilian adventure, make sure that you have good travel insurance that covers all your possessions and the activities that you plan on doing. Check the small print before committing to a policy. Don’t pack jewellery, or other non-essential valuables. Consider leaving electrical items at home. An iPod, laptop, iPad, Kindle, and […]

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travelling around paraguay

Travelling Around Paraguay

When travelling alone in Paraguay, transportation can be quite a daunting part of your adventure. Transport when travelling around Paraguay is possible by air, road, rail, and water. Paraguay’s transport system is likely to be very different to what you are used to back at home, so there are a few useful pointers to help […]

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