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Mistakes Not to Make as a Traveller

Of course, everyone has little slips every now and then, that’s just part of life. But there are some mistakes that you really don’t want to make when you’re travelling! Some travel mistakes are minor, like forgetting your shampoo. No worries at all, you can just buy some when you arrive. Sure, it might not […]

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Seoul Incheon Airport

6 of the Best Airports for Layovers

Layovers have gotten significantly longer because many airlines fly bigger planes and have reduced the number of flights. Whether its 2 hours, 12 hours, or sometimes even 20 hours that you’re stuck in an airport, there’s no doubting that there are some locations you’d rather be at than others! If you have a choice of […]

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Health Tourism Hotspots around the World

Medical tourism is on the rise, with many people heading overseas for treatment. This can be for several reasons, including cost factors, standards of healthcare, waiting times / faster service, a desire to keep things from friends and family, and a more appealing environment in which patients can rest and recuperate after treatments. A large […]

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An Antarctic Adventure!

For those who have travelled quite a lot and experienced a variety of different sights and cultures all over the world, knowing where to go next can be tricky.  Where could you try if you’ve seen plenty of beautiful islands, trekked through lots of amazing forests, climbed an abundance of mountains, admired temples, churches, mosques, […]

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Things to do in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is territory of France, and is home to several indigenous ethnic groups. It boasts a truly laid-back vibe, and is often described as a place of pure paradise. Several islands make up the group, with some having very few residents. On the main island, you will […]

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